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Prevent Electrical Fires from Happening in Your Home

Did you know that electrical failure and malfunction are a common causes for billions of dollars in property damage and, unfortunately, civilian injuries and deaths every year? Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent this situation and the experts at Overson Restoration would like to share a few simple tips.



The cords of your electrical appliances shouldn’t be frayed or worn out. If  they are, do not use them until you replace the cord, which is relatively easy and inexpensive.


Outlets are one of the easiest items to repair and one of the most effective. Inspect your power plugs and sockets and make sure they are in good condition. The wall plates shouldn’t be broken and it’s wise to keep them covered if you have small children. Also, it’s very important to avoid both overloading sockets and the usage of power strips.


Electrical work can be dangerous and you should have proper training or experience if you are going to tackle the task on your own. Working with electricity is risky and it’s strongly recommended to hire a professional electrician to handle any problems. If you choose to make any repairs yourself, make sure to work within your skills and experience.

In case of an emergency, remember that you are not alone! At Overson Restoration our professionals are  committed to  providing the best possible craftsmanship and customer service.  Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our goal is to be of service to you!